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Buy, sell and securely earn interest on digital assets with EUR and GBP.

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High diversification

Our yield generating strategies ensure market leading returns while prioritizing capital preservation and diversification.

No lending

Our approach generates alpha through actively managed portfolios, market-neutral strategies and liquidity provision. We fully exclude yield generation through collateralized lending.

Risk-averse approach

All the strategies into which we deploy capital are run through enhanced due diligence processes or selected using our 135-point proprietary risk model and overseen by our in-house portfolio team.

The next generation of personal finance

Built with you in mind, Yield App offers all the tools needed to grow your crypto portfolio.

Earn up to 25% APY on your crypto
Earn passive daily interest on BTC, USDC, ETH and more at the touch of a button.
Seamless EUR and GBP fiat rails
Deposit and withdraw fiat in just a few clicks.
Exchange crypto and fiat
Experience the best prices on crypto and fiat exchange.
Earn up to 25% APY on your crypto

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Security first

Our strict risk management processes paired with multi-layered security infrastructure help to ensure your assets stay secure.

Built to last

Our diversified portfolio strategy enables us to navigate challenges in the face of market volatility.

Engineered for everyone

Whether you are a seasoned crypto veteran or just getting started Yield App has got you covered with simple to use products and dedicated 24/7 support.
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What our customers say about us

I’ve been using Yield App since Feb 2021 and I am a very happy customer. From my point of view it's the safest place to earn yield on your digital assets. I am using it for my BTC and stablecoins. Very professional team and a lot of innovation coming in the near future.


I go into Yield App as it launched with Trustswap and I trust them 100% and always get back to you quickly on telegram if you need any support. The rewards are great and paid daily. As a doctor in the NHS I've been encouraging my colleagues to give it a go, I love it that much!


I'm very confident in the Yield App. They have a lot of material on their strategies, and they answer all questions asked on their Discord and Telegram channels. Only enter channels via the website. no concern at all at YIELD APP , even in this bear market , they are a solid project and they are here to stay.


I was digging DEEP on every crypto reddit thread I could find. And eventually stumbled upon a single reddit user who mentioned Yield, Jumped into a weeks worth of DD on Yield and the rest is history.


The next step begins with a tap. Buy, sell and securely earn today

The next step begins with a tap. Buy, sell and securely earn today