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Earn up to 25% APY on your crypto
We empower you to choose the perfect way to earn on your digital assets. Level up your strategy to earn stable, daily interest on the world's leading crypto assets, paid directly into your account.
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Deposit and withdraw fiat in just a few clicks.
Exchange crypto and fiat
Experience the best prices on crypto and fiat exchange.
Earn up to 25% APY on your crypto

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Grow your crypto holdings faster with daily auto-compounding interest on major assets.

Why choose Yield App?

Security first

We leverage industry-leading practices to safeguard your crypto holdings. Our platform enforces strict account controls, including two-factor authentication (2FA) and address whitelisting. Additionally, robust internal controls and compliance measures.

Built to last

Our experienced team is dedicated to continuous innovation, ensuring our features stay ahead of the curve.

Engineered for everyone

Our intuitive interface makes it easy for beginners to get started, while our advanced features cater to seasoned crypto pros.

Get access to deals with Angel

Gain advantage with early access to vetted, high-potential startups before they hit the mainstream.


Gain exclusive access to vetted startups with high growth potential.


Our team meticulously evaluates projects, ensuring you have access to high-quality investment opportunities.


Everyone has a chance to get involved. Our platform uses a fair allocation system to ensure equal opportunities.

The Yield App token

The YLD token unlocks full Yield App access, including Angel Launchpad, higher rates, and other perks. Maximize your returns and access exclusive opportunities.

Supercharge your earnings

Boost your earnings potential with YLD. By staking YLD tokens, you'll qualify for higher interest rates on your crypto deposits across our Earn products.

Access Angel Launchpad

By staking YLD you gain access to high quality, curated crypto projects before they launch to the public.

Free withdrawals

Say goodbye to withdrawal fees! By staking YLD tokens, you can enjoy free withdrawals on your crypto holdings.

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Satisfied user since August 2021

User since August 2021, I had absolutely no problem on this platform. The Yield App team is available to chat, AMAs are frequent. Their due diligence on assets prevented them from offering UST to their clients to protect excellent decision!! 

- RZ


I have been using Yield App since 2021

I have been using Yield App since 2021, and I must say, their support team is exceptionally professional and responsive, available 24/7. I consistently received my daily yield, even amidst the turbulent events of 2022.

- Romain


One of the best projects

One of the best projects of its kind - run by people who really know their way around crypto and don't risk users' deposited funds. They have survived the worst collapses in the market - there has never been a problem with withdrawing money. They prioritize the safety of their users' funds.......

- Bogusław


I love the app

I love the app! The interface is very easy to understand No too much things to confuse your users. Thank you yield.

- Jess’play

New Kids On The Blockchain

Excellent customer service and great product!

I have been using Yield App since it launched and have been reporting on their service and using them since then. I have had nothing short of excellent customer service and no issues whatsoever on paying in out paying out and receiving my accumulated yields. Big fan of these guys !!

- New Kids On The Blockchain

Nicolas H

Had a good experience with Yield App…

Had a good experience with Yield App going through KYC, depositing funds (fiat and crypto), swapping and staking / locking YLD....

- Nicolas H

Barry Fisher

Buying and Investing Crypto Made Easy.

After seeing and trying to use other platforms offering to yield farm with crypto as well. The process to convert fiat money into crypto in the same place was excellent. No trying to figure out complicated trading platforms to convert and then send on crypto hoping you got it right was made simple using Yield App. Thank you.

- Barry Fisher


Discover Haven1

Your safe haven layer-1 blockchain incubated by Yield App.

Stake YLD and earn daily H1

Earn locked H1 tokens and join the future of on-chain finance with Haven1.

Boost your earnings by becoming Angel

By staking 100,000 YLD you gain early access to exclusive new features and earn 25% APY in locked H1.

Incubated by Yield App

Haven1 is incubated by a team of Web3 professionals determined to create a meticulously designed EVM L1 blockchain to shield against onchain scams, hacks, and rug pulls.