About Yield App

Yield App is a community-driven digital wealth management platform.

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Mission and values


To provide our customers with access to market-leading passive income and yield enhancement products, carefully curated by our portfolio team to helping preserve and grow digital wealth over the long term.


We believe everyone should have access to the best yield-generating opportunities available in the crypto market, regardless of their level of financial knowledge or expertise.


Due diligence, risk management and security are at the heart of everything we do at Yield App. This ensures our customers can sleep soundly at night, knowing their digital assets are safe with us.

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Our team

Tim Frost Blue egg background

Tim Frost

CEO & Co-Founder

Justin Wright Blue egg background

Justin Wright

COO and Co-Founder

Lucas Kiely Blue egg background

Lucas Kiely

Chief Investment Officer

James Sutherland Blue egg background

James Sutherland

Chief Financial Officer

Akash Mahendra Blue egg background

Akash Mahendra

DeFi Portfolio Manager

Dr. Jason Corbett Blue egg background

Dr. Jason Corbett

General Counsel & Co-Founder


Ajit Tripathi Blue egg background

Ajit Tripathi

Formerly Head of Institutional Business at Aave

Tiwa York Blue egg background

Tiwa York

ex-CEO of Kaidee.com

Malcolm Wright Blue egg background

Malcolm Wright

Deputy Chair, Advisory Council, Global Digital Finance

Hartej Sawhney Blue egg background

Hartej Sawhney

Founder of Zokyo

David Johnston Blue egg background

David Johnston


Tayler McCracken Blue egg background

Tayler McCracken

Editor in Chief at the Coin Bureau