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YIELD App Bitcoin Fund launch was a huge success!

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We are thrilled to report that the hotly anticipated launch of our YIELD App Bitcoin Fund with its market-leading APY of up to 12% was a huge success! Demand from our users for our Bitcoin investment strategy was extremely high: the first 24 hours from launch saw the fund fill half of its initial capacity (250 Bitcoin) while the average deposit was 1.2 BTC ($42,000).

The fund opened at 07:00 UTC on Thursday, July 8, for Tier 5 users only for an initial period of 72 hours, until 07:00 UTC on Sunday, July 11. In this time, we enjoyed a steady stream of deposits, with our Tier 5 users committing 427 BTC to the fund before it opened widely to all users for a further 24 hours. Tier 5 users are those members of the YIELD App community who hold 20,000 YLD or more in their on-platform wallets.

From that point on, it was a rush to fill the remaining 73 BTC of capacity, with our dedicated development team working around the clock to maintain a seamless process for all of our users. By 16:48 UTC on Sunday, well before our deadline, the fund hit its 500 BTC cap and was shuttered to further investments. In the short time the fund was open to our wider community, our Tier 1 users deposited 32 BTC in the fund, the greatest amount after Tier 5. Tier 2 users deposited 19 BTC, while Tier 3 and 4 added 8 BTC and 7 BTC in total, respectively. 

The YIELD App Bitcoin Fund vital launch statistics

YIELD App users are Bitcoin HODLers!

The minimum deposit of 0.25 BTC for the YIELD App Bitcoin fund was comfortably exceeded by users across all our Tiers in a display of confidence and commitment to our strategy and our business. The average deposit was around 1.2 BTC, with Tier 5 users contributing the highest average deposit of 1.28 BTC.

Our Bitcoin Fund will remain closed for 90 days until Sunday, October 10, 2021, to allow our talented investment team to seek out the most attractive and stable investment opportunities. Our investors can be sure their money is in good hands! We are grateful to all of our members for their support and confidence in our business and thrilled to look after your Bitcoin assets in our fund for the next 90 days. 

Investors that remain in the fund for the full initial period will receive their initial investment, plus the interest earned, at the end of the term. During this time, the YIELD App investment team may also open the fund up to further investments beyond the 500 BTC cap, subject to both demand and favourable market conditions. 

So watch this space - there may yet be an opportunity for users that missed out on the fund this time around to gain access. We will, as ever, keep our community well informed of any developments via email and social media.

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Perfect timing for BTC fund launch

The fund launch couldn’t have come at a better time: right in the midst of a bear market for Bitcoin. In the past 90 days, Bitcoin lost nearly half of its value, falling from $62,682 on April 13 to $33,931 on July 12, according to CoinGecko.

Bitcoin tumbles from all time high


During bear markets, it is more important than ever to have access to an investment option that can help mitigate losses and earn passive income while investors wait for prices to recover. The YIELD App Bitcoin fund offers a market-leading APY of up to 12%, which can significantly reduce investors’ losses when markets are down and boost their returns on the upside when cryptocurrencies are back in the black.

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Over the three-month lock-in period in the fund, investors can expect to make 1.5% on their BTC holdings and a further 1.5% in YLD rewards. This means a user with the average holding of 1.2 BTC in the YIELD App Bitcoin fund will have 1.218 BTC when the fund opens again on October 10. At the current Bitcoin price, this would generate a passive income of $611. In addition, the 1.5% YLD rewards would amount to around 150 YLD. Prices will change of course, while past performance of Bitcoin is not an indicator of future performance.

The passive income generated by the YIELD App Bitcoin Fund is a perfect addition to any crypto investment strategy for all market conditions and we are thrilled that so many of our community members took advantage of this opportunity. 

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DISCLAIMER: The content of this article does not constitute financial advice and is for informational purposes only. The price of digital assets can go down as well as up, and you may lose all of your capital. Investors should consult a professional advisor before making any investment decisions.


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