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Connect your crypto wallet to Yield App

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Designed for the secure handling of digital assets, a crypto wallet securely stores your cryptocurrency and enables transactions through private and public keys, with various types offering different levels of security.

With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce you can now integrate your crypto wallet directly to your Yield App account! Designed with convenience and security in mind, this new addition will make managing your assets on Yield App easier than ever.

  • Our wallet integration pre-fills your deposit address for you, ensuring smoother and more precise transactions and maintaining easy access to your wallet via WalletConnect, MetaMask, and more.

  • Transfer Ethereum and Arbitrum One-based tokens supported by Yield App directly to your account with just a single click using your crypto wallet.

Note: Currently, our crypto wallet integration is exclusive to the web version of the Yield App platform. 

How to connect a crypto wallet to Yield App?

  1. Log in: Access your Yield App account on desktop and go to the account menu.

  2. Navigate: Select "Crypto Wallets".

  3. Enable and Connect: Enable wallet support and click “Connect”.

  4. Select Wallet: Choose the wallet you want to connect.

  5. View Details: Once connected, you will be able to see your wallet details. (1).gifWatch full tutorial on YouTube

Elevate your crypto experience

We are committed to continuous improvements, ensuring Yield Users have access to the latest products and features. Enabling users to connect their crypto wallets directly to the Yield App platform enhances both the usability of our products and the efficiency of managing various cryptocurrencies. 

Log in to your Yield App account and connect your crypto wallet today!


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