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Earn more passive income on your crypto assets with our new Earn+ product

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  • Earning passive crypto income just got easier with a brand new product from Yield App

  • The Earn+ products, launched today (Thursday, 1 September 2022), allow customers to earn higher crypto rewards on their digital assets

  • The Bitcoin portfolio is being upgraded to an Earn+ model effective immediately, in line with the rest of the product suite

  • In comparison to Flexible stablecoin and ETH portfolios, which have instant liquidity, funds held in the Earn+ products are available 30 days after clicking the 'redeem' button

  • We are pleased to offer new ways to earn passive income on our digital wealth platform

Yield App is pleased to introduce our Earn+ products paying higher annual interest rates on stablecoins, Ether and Bitcoin than our existing Flexible offering. In this blog, we outline all the details of our new Earn+ offering.

From now on, customers will be able to enhance their crypto passive income by choosing to switch to one of our new higher-yield Earn+ products to earn more from their crypto holdings. The Earn+ products have a 30-day redemption period.

Earn passive income from crypto with Yield App's new Earn+ product

The new Earn+ products can be accessed via the Earn page

Earn more crypto passive income with our new product

In July, we temporarily introduced higher rates on our Flexible products to celebrate the upcoming launch of Earn+.

We are pleased to share that due to the strong underlying performance of our portfolios and the wider crypto market over recent weeks, we have been able to further increase the rates available on our Earn+ products.

The rates on our Earn+ products are the highest available on our digital wealth platform and benefit our Diamond Tier customers in particular, who can now earn 10% p.a. in passive crypto income on their stablecoins with Yield App.

The rates in the table below are effective from today, Thursday, 1 September 2022.

An annual perecentage yield higher than other crypto platforms, no peer to peer lending involved

Our new rates for September 2022

Please note, the rates on our stablecoins and ETH Flexible portfolios have been revised accordingly, as previously advertised.

The BTC portfolio has been upgraded to match the new Earn+ model, with no Flexible option to earn passive crypto income available on BTC at this time. Holdings in the Bitcoin portfolio will be automatically deployed into the BTC Earn+ product, no action is needed for this.

Comparing Yield App's passive income products: Earn+ vs Flexible

Yield App customers now have the option to keep earning passive income on their crypto holdings at a higher interest rate by selecting our Earn+ solution or remain in the Flexible, daily earn, instant liquidity portfolios.

The existing instant-liquidity portfolios (ETH and stablecoins) will still be available. Earn+ will be an additional option to provide more flexibility to those customers who would like to enhance their passive income by choosing a product with a longer lock-up period.

Compare crypto passive income opportunities and put idle crypto assets to work

Comparison of Flexible vs Earn+ portfolios

The Earn+ products offer an option to earn a higher crypto passive income on ETH and stablecoins to customers who are not looking to redeem their digital assets at short notice. The Flexible option is available to those who require instant liquidity.

It is a personal decision for each customer which option fits into their passive income strategy. It is possible to combine both strategies within one cryptocurrency portfolio based on the proportion of your digital assets to which you require instant access.

How does the 30-day redemption work?

The Earn+ products have a rolling 30-day redemption notice period. This means that once you click ‘redeem’ on an Earn+ product, you will receive your assets plus accrued interest on the portion of assets you are redeeming at the end of the 30-day period.

Customers will continue to earn passive income on their holdings throughout the 30-day redemption period.

If you click the ‘redeem’ button and then change your mind, you can cancel your redemption request any time before the end of the 30-day redemption notice period.

How to switch from Flexible to Earn+

In order to switch from the Flexible product to the Earn+ product and begin to earn interest, you must first redeem your crypto holdings from your Flexible product into your Yield App wallet. After that, you will be able to deploy these assets into the equivalent Earn+ product.

Generate passive income on your crypto with Yield App

Simply choose between Earn+ and Flexible before deploying assets

Please note that after switching to Earn+ from one of our Flexible portfolios, you will begin to earn crypto rewards on your holdings after a 24-hour cycle has passed. Cycles begin at 00:00 UTC, so if the deposit is made at 00:01 UTC you must wait 47 hours 59 minutes before receiving your first daily crypto rewards.

Please note that on the Earn+ portfolios, you will not be able to switch off the auto-compounding toggle, unlike in the Flexible portfolios. The rewards on the crypto funds in the Earn+ products will automatically compound until these assets are redeemed, meaning customers earn compounding interest throughout the term.

earning passive income without crypto lending or margin lending

Auto-compound is automatically turned on for Earn+ products

How to redeem a crypto asset from Earn+

To redeem your assets from an Earn+ product, you need to select which portfolio you want to redeem from, set the amount, and confirm. The redemption will be scheduled and you will see the date on which you will receive your digital assets in your portfolio.

Crypto users can easily redeem their annual percentage yield

Scheduled redemption will show in the bottom right corner

You will be able to see separate redemption requests for different days and there will be an opportunity to cancel each day’s request separately. If you make more than one redemption on the same day, the amount that will be displayed for that day will be the sum of the redemption requests made during that day.

Redeeming all your crypto assets from Earn+

If you want to redeem all your crypto assets from an Earn+ product, you must click “All” when you request a redemption. This means that at the end of the 30-day period, you will receive all of your assets in your Yield App wallet, including any interest accrued.

If you click “Max” when you are making the redemption request, you will receive the entire amount of your crypto holding in the Earn+ product in your wallet, as it is at the time of the redemption request. However, any interest accrued over the 30 days will remain in the Earn+ product.

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