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Introducing the new 'My Portfolio' page on Yield App

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We are excited to announce the launch of our brand-new 'My Portfolio' page, now available on the Yield App web app and desktop platform! This update is part of our continuous effort to enhance your experience and provide you with the tools you need to manage and understand your crypto investments more effectively.

Why 'My Portfolio'?

At Yield App, our users are at the forefront of everything we do. We aim to empower you with comprehensive and user-friendly tools that make managing your investments a seamless and insightful experience. The 'My Portfolio' page is designed with this mission in mind, offering several features that cater to your needs. After this beta launch, we plan to introduce additional features based on user feedback. full video on YouTube

What can you do on the 'My Portfolio' page?

1. Monitor your portfolio

Stay on top of your investments with a clear and detailed view of your portfolio. Easily track performance and make informed decisions.

2. View account earnings and portfolio growth

Gain insights into your earnings and see how your portfolio has grown over time with intuitive graphs and metrics.

3. View allocations

Get a breakdown of how your assets are allocated across different investment options, helping you maintain a balanced and diversified portfolio.

4. Swap and deploy assets

Easily swap between different crypto assets and deploy them into various investment opportunities within the Yield App ecosystem.

5. Redeem earnings

Effortlessly redeem your earnings when you need them. Our streamlined process ensures you can access your returns with minimal hassle.

6. Pledge in Angel Launchpad deals

Participate in exclusive investment opportunities through the Angel Launchpad, pledging your assets to promising new ventures.

The benefits of 'My Portfolio'

The 'My Portfolio' page is more than just a new feature—it embodies our commitment to putting you first. Here's why it benefits you:

  • User-friendly interface: Navigate your investments with ease, thanks to a clean and intuitive design.

  • Comprehensive insights: Access detailed information that helps you understand and optimize your investment strategy.

  • Efficient management: Manage your assets efficiently, making quick adjustments and swaps as needed.

  • Opportunity access: Stay ahead of the curve by participating in exclusive deals through the Angel Launchpad.

Our goal is to provide you with a robust toolset that enhances your investment journey and helps you achieve your financial goals. We believe that the 'My Portfolio' page will significantly contribute to this mission.

Get started today!

Ready to experience the new 'My Portfolio' page? Log in to your Yield App account on the web app or desktop platform and start exploring today. Your journey to smarter crypto investing begins here.


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