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The YIELD App Bitcoin Fund is OPEN + ETH, USDT and USDC APYs rise!

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Back by popular demand, our hugely successful YIELD App Bitcoin Fund, initially launched in July, is reopening for new subscriptions! 

For anyone who missed the opportunity last month, this is a great chance to access a market-leading APY of 12% on the world’s biggest digital asset. But hurry: if the demand we saw last month is anything to go by, there won’t be much time for users to get a foot in the door.

Reopening at 07:00 UTC on Friday, August 20, the YIELD App Bitcoin Fund will remain open to all Tier 1-5 users until 07:00 UTC on Wednesday, August 25, or until the new deposits hit 500 BTC, whichever comes first. 

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In an effort to make this investment option available to a wider section of our community, we have also significantly reduced the minimum investment from 0.25 BTC when the fund was first launched, to around 0.03 BTC this time around (at current prices, this amounts to around $1,405). This means making a passive income on your BTC has never been more affordable.

As before, the fund will remain closed until Sunday, October 10. Investors are not able to redeem their funds before this date while accruing BTC rewards (though YLD rewards can be redeemed at any point) with withdrawals considered on an application only basis.

Back by popular demand

We were thrilled with the demand our BTC fund enjoyed at launch, when we first opened it up to our Tier 5 members only for 72 hours from Thursday, July 8, until Sunday, July 11. The first 24 hours from launch saw the fund fill half of its initial capacity (250 Bitcoin) while the average deposit was 1.2 BTC (worth $42,000 at the time).

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The YIELD App Bitcoin Fund vital launch statistics

Overall, Tier 5 users deposited 427 BTC within this short time frame, and once the fund was opened to all users it reached its 500 BTC capacity well before its deadline. We hope to see similarly strong demand this time around and look forward to welcoming new and existing investors into the YIELD App Bitcoin Fund.

When we launched in July, we said we would consider re-opening the fund to new subscriptions, subject to both demand and favorable market conditions. Luckily, the stars have aligned and we’re now ready to accept new deposits up to an additional 500 BTC. This would double the total value of the fund to 1,000 BTC.

Investors that remain in the fund for the full initial period will receive their initial investment, plus the interest earned, at the end of the term. Those who invested the average 1.2 BTC at the start would have 1.218 BTC plus around 150 YLD in rewards by the end of this period. 

We believe our reward structure makes the YIELD App Bitcoin Fund an attractive proposition for investors looking to hold Bitcoin over the long-term, offering an additional passive income on this digital asset. The market-beating APYs on our BTC fund can help investors capture more of the upside when markets are booming and protect their portfolios on the downside during a downturn by mitigating losses.

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Higher USDC, USDT and ETH rates

The reopening of our BTC fund is not the only piece of great news this week, though! Favorable market conditions have also allowed us to raise the rates we pay on our stablecoin and ETH strategies. 

From 07:00 UTC on Friday, August 20, the base rate available on our USDT and USDC funds is now 10.5% (up from 10%), while the base rate on ETH has gone up to 6.5% (from 6%). This means the potential total rewards for investing in these strategies remain market-leading at 20.5% and 16.5% APY, respectively. 

We are very excited to pass on these extra rewards to our users to allow them to participate in the upside of the market. At YIELD App, we are firmly committed to following markets up, as well as down, so when conditions allow, we will raise the rates available on our strategies to allow our customers to reap the benefits. 

Digital asset markets move very quickly. Having experienced a significant downturn just a few months ago, today we find ourselves in an improving market that has seen digital asset prices gradually increasing along with a shift towards increasingly positive sentiment.

Whatever the market conditions, YIELD App strategies can help users make the most of their digital assets while mitigating some of the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. We look forward to welcoming users new and old into any of our competitive strategies and helping them meet their financial goals.

Do you want to earn the market’s leading APY’s on your digital assets? Sign up for a YIELD App account today!

DISCLAIMER: The content of this article does not constitute financial advice and is for informational purposes only. The price of digital assets can go down as well as up, and you may lose all of your capital. Investors should consult a professional advisor before making any investment decisions.


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