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Yield App 2.0 is coming! And it's bringing more, for less

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Since our beta launch in December and our public launch last month, YIELD App has – we are pleased to report – gone from strength to strength. Growth in both our AUM and user numbers have met if not exceeded our expectations (although perhaps quietly confirming our suspicions) as the demand for up to 20% APY on digital assets has increased unabated.

This is not least since the launch of our Ethereum fund, which has allowed holders of the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency – ETH – to finally earn double-digit APYs on an asset many plan to hold for the long-term, as well as USD stablecoins. Our offering is highly attractive to users that want to earn passive income on their assets in a simple, safe platform.

As the YIELD App community and regular readers of our Medium will know, we are by no means stopping here, though. We have big plans for our platform, products and services - plans we believe will support the strong and growing demand we are seeing while paving the way for long-term future growth.

Cross-chain capability and lower fees

Some of these planned features and functionalities include a fully native application, in-app swaps, fiat deposits, and a Bitcoin (BTC) fund – a product we are all eagerly awaiting. And, in order to realize these exciting milestones, we have been busy building-out the technical and administrative architecture needed to support them.

This tireless work has been going on behind the scenes at YIELD App since our earliest days and, like any leading fintech company, it will continue to go on in perpetuity. We have, however, reached an exciting junction in this development, and we are pleased to share our roadmap to YIELD App 2.0 with our community.

In the coming months, our development team will be working hard to roll out YIELD App 2.0, which is going to pave the way for exciting new functionalities. This will include cross-chain capability that is going to allow our users to transact across different blockchains, increasing speed and lowering fees all through a single, universal YIELD App wallet.

More versatility, more products

YIELD App 2.0 will also bring a new look and feel to the entire platform that will allow us to include more information and functionality for our users, bringing more versatility to the app. The YIELD 2.0 upgrade will also pave the way for our long-awaited referral program. This will offer $40 of YLD to both current users and every new user they refer to us through a specific referral link or QR code, and who deposits at least $100 of digital currency for a minimum period of 30 days.

In addition, YIELD App 2.0 will eventually allow us to offer sub-accounts that will let users link others to their user profiles: a great resource for parents looking for children’s savings options as well as for institutions that want to offer staff accounts.

Perhaps most importantly, however, this upgrade will be the first crucial step on the journey toward implementing the infrastructure needed to bring our Bitcoin (BTC) fund online: a product which, judging by the uptake of our Ethereum fund, we expect there to be a strong and consistent demand for.

Ultimately, this work will pave the way for YIELD App to reach its next crucial assets under management (AUM) milestone: $100 million. The infrastructure we are currently building out will ensure we are able to manage this level of investments and deposits just as seamlessly as we currently manage assets on the platform.

The new and improved YIELD App 2.0 is a hugely exciting prospect for our team, users and community, and we will be going full-steam-ahead to ensure that we complete this upgrade as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. From there, we look forward to sharing some more big announcements: from product, to functionality, to leading partnerships.

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DISCLAIMER: The content of this article does not constitute financial advice and is for informational purposes only. The price of digital assets can go down as well as up, and you may lose all of your capital. Investors should consult a professional advisor before making any investment decisions.


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