• Yield App has grown rapidly since launch in February 2021, attracting 80,000+ customers who have entrusted us with their stablecoins, BTC and ETH
  • In January 2022, we unveiled a brand new Version 2 (V2) of our platform
  • Since then, we have launched our Referral Program and brought out the long-awaited mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Our current key areas of focus are: fiat on-ramp solution, enhanced user experience and address whitelisting
  • In the near future, we also intend to implement: Yield App API integration, full transaction history as one file, lifetime rewards block, hide zero balances checkbox
  • Read on for all the details!

Our customers have been asking us to share our product plans to gain better visibility of the areas Yield App is prioritizing right now, and in the months to come. In the interests of transparency and in response to these requests, we are publishing our current product plans. We will keep our customers regularly updated to make sure they know exactly where we’re focusing our efforts.

Traction since launch in Feb 2021

Since our launch in February 2021, Yield App has grown rapidly, attracting 80,000+ customers who have entrusted us with their stablecoins, BTC and ETH. In January 2022, we unveiled a brand new Version 2 (V2) of our platform, complete with a revamp of our Tier structure and a raft of new features.

Since then, we have worked tirelessly to improve our offering. We have launched our Referral Program and brought out the long-awaited mobile app for iOS and Android, which has received positive feedback from our community. 

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While we continue to improve the existing features to make them as sleek and user-friendly as possible, there are also a number of new developments planned in the coming months. Below is an overview of what our teams are working on right now. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and our priorities may change and evolve depending on market conditions and demand.

In progress

These are the areas we are currently working on or planning to bring out imminently.

Address whitelisting

An enhanced security feature, address whitelisting will allow our customers to whitelist trusted addresses to ensure they never run the risk of sending assets to the wrong address ever again. Keep an eye on our newsletter, blog and social media channels for an announcement in the near future.

Enhanced user experience

Our development team is constantly working on improvements to the user experience on the web and mobile app. This involves continuously collecting feedback from our customer base and ensuring we fix any issues and make improvements as necessary. If you have any suggestions for improvements to be made to our user interface, please feel free to share them in our Telegram group.

Fiat on-ramp solution
We are working on a simple and cost-effective native solution to on-ramp Euros and Pounds Sterling (GBP) onto the Yield App platform. Currently, we are using a third-party application (OnRamper), which involves higher fees. The new solution will be less costly for our customers. 

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These are the areas of development that are planned for the coming quarters.

Yield App API

The coming months will see us working on developing our own read-only Application Programming Interface (API). An API is a program that enables one software application to interact with another. API integration will allow our customers to query certain data endpoints from their Yield App account. 

Full transaction history as one file

Our transaction history downloads will be simplified to allow customers to download all transactions since the day we launched Yield App V2 (18 January 2022) as one CSV file that will include all ledger transactions. Currently, transactions can be downloaded on a monthly basis.

Life-time rewards block

A new block will be introduced in the dashboard to show all the rewards a customer has earned since the launch of V2 in January 2022. This will give customers greater visibility of their earnings over time.

Hide zero balances checkbox

The dashboard will include a checkbox allowing customers to hide all portfolios into which they have not deployed any assets to make the user experience more seamless. This is another feature that has been highly requested by our community and represents a key improvement to our platform interface.

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This is an outline of the key product features and improvements we are working on at the moment. In addition, we are constantly adding new exciting partnerships with perks for our customers, such as the recently announced Koinly partnership which gives Yield App customers 20% off Koinly services. We can’t reveal the details of upcoming partnerships, but do keep an eye on our newsletters and social media in the coming weeks and months for more exciting Yield App membership benefits! 

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