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Yield App acquires structured product provider Trofi Group

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  • We’re excited to announce that Yield App has acquired Trofi Group, which adds four new crypto structured products to our suite of yield enhancing strategies.

  • Access our first structured products through “Trofi, powered by Yield App”, a beta version of a dedicated investment app.

  • Yield App customers who have already passed our KYC checks will be able to access these products through the app without the need for further identity verification. 

  • To get the most out of structured products, visit our newly-launched knowledge hub on the Yield App website and learn how to use these as part of a diversified investment strategy.

Yield App has acquired Trofi Group, a wealth management platform that offers structured product solutions for cryptocurrencies. The acquisition expands our offerings with the launch of four new structured product strategies, in response to growing investor demand for enhanced yield investment opportunities.

Structured products have been a core wealth management offering for many decades, but in the world of cryptocurrency they have not yet gained the prominence they have in traditional financial markets. However, with the sophistication of the digital asset sector increasing, the methodology of traditional capital markets structured products can increasingly be applied with the objective of achieving the same outcomes.

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The acquisition of Trofi positions Yield App as a pioneer in the crypto structured products arena. Trofi Group’s co-founders Andrew and Kurtis, who combined have nearly 30 years of extensive experience working on the derivatives desks at HSBC and J.P. Morgan, will join Yield App in building out best-in-class crypto structured products that meet the same rigorous standards as their traditional finance equivalents. 

Trofi, powered by Yield App

To mark this development, we are launching “Trofi, powered by Yield App”, a beta version of a dedicated investment app, which offers access to our first crypto structured products through four different strategies, with additional products to be unveiled in line with market demand. 

The four strategies available today are:

  • Dual currency 

This product provides investors with the opportunity to acquire a cryptocurrency at a lower price at a predetermined point in the future, while also earning yield. 

  • Range 

This structured product allows investors to generate yield with a view that markets will remain within a specified price range.

  • Sharkfin

This product is designed for investors with a moderately bullish view on future prices, and pays a guaranteed minimum coupon with the potential to generate a high yield at maturity.

  • Target 

This product is designed for investors with a bullish view on the future price of a cryptocurrency, with the potential to earn a high yield.

How to access our new crypto structured products

As a Yield App customer, you can access these products through the beta version of our investment app – “Trofi, powered by Yield App”. If you have already passed Yield App’s KYC checks, you won’t need to complete additional identity verification. 

Please note, however, that this is initially only available on Android, with an iOS version coming soon. 

You will find a link to download the Android version of the app on the structured products page of our website. Follow this link to access the page.

Here, you will also find our structured products knowledge hub, including a blog explaining how they work, factsheets and videos for each of the four new offerings. We intend to expand this product suite in the future in line with market demand. 

Want to learn more about how crypto structured products could help you achieve your investment objectives? Head to our knowledge hub!

DISCLAIMER: The content of this article does not constitute financial advice and is for informational purposes only. The price of digital assets can go down as well as up, and you may lose all of your capital. Investors should consult a professional advisor before making any investment decisions.


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