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YIELD App vital statistics revealed!

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At YIELD App we listen to our community, and so when you said you wanted to see more of our key numbers, we listened. And so, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new “Stats” hub, which is live on our website from today, Friday, April 30th.

Within this new page, visitors can view the numbers behind the YIELD App platform, including our total managed assets. This is broken down into its constituent parts: USDC, USDT, ETH and YLD, to give our users the fullest possible picture of our assets.

We have also included key numbers on the YLD token, including current price, market cap and circulating supply, as well as the percentage of the circulating supply that is held by users on our platform. This is an important figure as it demonstrates the commitment users have to supporting YIELD App and building their wealth over time.

As users receive a large boost to their APYs by holding YLD in their wallets, a significant portion of YLD on the platform is a strong long-term indicator. Around half of the supply of YLD is currently held on our platform, showing our users are maximizing our APY offering and enjoying the highest rates of passive income available to them.

YIELD App will now regularly publish key stats

More users, more YLD on-platform

To complete the Stats hub, we have also included our total number of users as well as the total number of Tier 5 users currently registered on our platform. These are the number of users that hold 20,000 YLD tokens or more inside their YIELD App wallets. 

Holding 20,000 YLD tokens or more on the platform gives Tier 5 members access to our highest APY of 18% on their assets as well as membership to our exclusive Tier 5 VIP Members club, recently launched through our Discord channel. This is an exclusive area for our highest-tier members.

Commenting on these figures and the launch of the stats hub, Tim Frost, CEO of YIELD App, says: “We are always taking the feedback of our community on board to improve and grow our products and services. The release of these numbers, which will be updated bi-weekly, demonstrates our commitment to transparency and open communication with our users and the wider DeFi community. 

“We have seen incredible growth since our beta launch in December as savers have embraced our accessible, user-friendly platform to earn up to 18% APY on USDT, USDC and - since March 2021 - ETH. There is much more to come from here as we move toward the launch of YIELD App 2.0 and all of the increased functionality it will bring, as well as the launch of our Bitcoin fund. It’s an exciting time for us, and we look forward to sharing more and more with our community."

YLD token facts and figures

Heading to YIELD App 2.0 

As recently revealed in our Q1 report, the YIELD App team is busy behind the scenes upgrading the YIELD App platform. YIELD App 2.0 will include a slicker, cleaner, and smoother interface with more information provided in-app; the end of third party wallets with a new in-house YIELD App wallet; auto-compound with interest automatically reinvested, and full-cycle swaps between all assets on the YIELD App platform.

As also highlighted in the Q1 report, in March this year YIELD App began its treasury rebalancing program, through which we have been strategically re-purchasing YLD from the market in order to support the long-term growth of our platform, products, and services.

Using income generated from in-app swaps and the positive performance achieved within our portfolios, YIELD App has, to date, re-purchased more than 5,906,598 YLD from the market. This can be viewed at the following address:  

The treasury rebalancing program allows us to support our users within the YIELD App platform and support added utility within the YLD ecosystem. In-app swaps are an essential part of ensuring our users are continually rewarded for using the YIELD App platform.

To visit the new YIELD App Stats hub, visit: 

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