Secure solution for corporate digital assets

The Yield App platform is a secure treasury for your corporate digital assets. Our dedicated team monitors and updates the platform 24/7, leaving you to earn market-leading interest rates of up to 12% at the touch of a button.

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Risk management

Secure - advanced platform defense and robust business-level controls


Technology partners

We are partnered with industry leading chain analysis, AML and compliance specialists

  • 80K+

    Users worldwide

  • $250M+

    Managed assets

  • $30M+

    Distributed rewards

  • Designed with a seamless user experience in mind, the Yield App interface is clean, simple and clear, offering our clients a stress free treasury management experience, whatever the size of your business.

  • A Yield App Corporate Account is a leading solution for innovative companies looking to earn up to 12% annual interest on their digital treasury assets. Our customers include digital asset investment funds, VCs, established and early-stage fintech firms, centralized and decentralized crypto-focused businesses and IDO/IEO fundraising launchpads.

  • Yield App offers one-to-one support for KYB (Know Your Business) processes and procedures specific to your organization and its regional jurisdiction, as well as fast-track onboarding for organizations.

  • Combining the simplicity of its retail offering with dedicated corporate support, Yield App makes digital treasury management easy, meaning our clients can focus on important tasks while their assets earn market-leading interest rates.

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Sign up process

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    Sign up

    Complete the Yield App Corporate Account application form, including Know your Business (KYB) level three, and click to accept the terms and conditions

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    Provided the application form is fully completed and successfully verified, the Yield App compliance team will review your application for fast approval

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    Start earning

    The applicant will receive a welcome letter from Yield App’s CEO Tim Frost explaining the next steps to take to confirm your account approval


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