The YLD utility token

Staking or locking YLD tokens allows you to boost your interest, earn rewards on your digital assets, and support the Yield App ecosystem.


Earn more with YLD

With YLD, earning market-beating rewards has never been so easy. Stake your YLD tokens to boost your earnings or lock them up for 12 months to earn 12% annual interest (available from Silver Tier).

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    Earn up to 12% p.a.

    Advance from Bronze to Diamond level to earn up to 12% annual interest on your digital assets. The higher your Tier level – the greater your rewards!

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    Full control of your earnings

    Instantly stake and unstake YLD, choose to auto-stake your YLD earnings, lock all or a portion of your YLD. The choice is yours!

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    Free deposits and conversions

    Transfer and convert between YLD and other assets within the platform, at no extra cost. Limits may apply.

Membership Tiers

With YLD, earning has never been so easy. Simply stake or lock your YLD tokens to boost your earnings.

Emission schedule graph

As Yield App continues on its strong and steady growth path, the YLD emissions schedule will continue to change over time. This is a factor of both the level of managed assets on our platform and the demand for YLD. As demand for a smaller supply of YLD grows, the YLD emissions rate will naturally adjust, which will be further supported by our careful management of the ecosystem.

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YLD Tokenomics

According to the founding tokenomics of our YLD token, a maximum supply of 300 million YLD can ever be created. The Yield App Tier Rewards program is designed to ensure that this supply is distributed fairly and sustainably up to 2025, when the maximum supply of 300 million YLD will be reached.

Our Tier Rewards program ensures that our customers receive YLD rewards in line with their participation in the Yield App ecosystem, while ensuring that emissions of YLD remain steady and sustainable.



  • YLD Price
  • Market Cap.
  • 177M+ YLD

    Circulating Supply
  • 300M YLD

    Maximum Supply
YLD Token Contract

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