Institutional-grade security for your digital assets

Yield App’s market-neutral strategy and multi-layered security infrastructure is designed to generate sustainable yield and protect your capital.

Crypto-lock icon with a padlock: A symbol representing digital security, featuring a padlock enclosed within a lock-shaped icon.

Platform security

Internal controls

We safeguard your personal information with multiple layers of security, ensuring access is restricted to a limited number of authorized administrators. Our rigorous protocols for staff access to information, coupled with the implementation of a two-person rule for sensitive operations, reinforce the protection of your data.

Account security

Our platform integrates state-of-the-art technology to robustly defend against targeted DDoS attacks. We ensure enhanced security by dispersing private keys across multiple locations, protecting them from unauthorized access, and by utilizing advanced encryption within a secure transfer environment, thereby fortifying the safety of assets during storage and transactional activities.

Asset security

Utilizing multi-party computation (MPC), we safeguard your digital wealth. MPC, a cryptographic technique, enables several parties to collaboratively process their joint data, while keeping their individual contributions confidential.

Yield App security fundamentals

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Risk management
Yield App’s portfolio strategy is focused on long-term capital preservation through a robust risk management framework. We allocate to decentralized finance (DeFi) pools and external alpha managers using an internal proprietary 135-point risk model.
Market-neutral strategies
Yield App runs a portfolio focused on capital preservation through allocations to market-neutral DeFi pools and strategies with external managers. These strategies are selected based on the strongest internal thresholds, ensuring client asset security remains the number one priority. Yield App never resorts to lending out customers’ assets and has zero exposure to the risks associated with unsecured lending.
All our portfolios are diversified across base asset, manager, and return strategies. Diversification ensures we significantly reduce the risk associated with the overall portfolio. Diversifying the portfolio across DeFi pools and market-neutral external strategies allows us to generate higher risk-adjusted returns than allocating to one strategy alone. Our external manager allocation is heavily geared towards two strategy types: liquidity provision and systematic trading (including arbitrage strategies).
Due diligence
All protocols and external managers must demonstrate proven track records and pass our strict due diligence process. Only 6% of external managers we consider are selected for the portfolio following this risk assessment. In addition, we engage third parties to enhance our due diligence framework. These third parties provide risk, governance and continuous monitoring services on our behalf.
Risk management

Compliance and partners

* The platform complies with stringent global Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Our global compliance partners provide a range of services, including customer verification, independent audits and attestations, and legal advisory.