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Inside Yield App Angel Launchpad's selection process

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The Yield App Angel Launchpad serves as a gateway for savvy investors seeking early-stage crypto gems. This innovative platform provides exclusive access to meticulously vetted projects led by industry experts. The launch of Angel Launchpad marks a significant step forward, promising to connect our community with exceptional opportunities before these projects achieve mainstream recognition.

Angel Launchpad is built on our unwavering dedication to rigorous due diligence. Each project presented to our community undergoes a thorough evaluation at Yield App, where risk management is prioritized.

Our selection process

Every project is unique, and must be assessed on its own terms. However, to be selected by Angel Launchpad, a project must be able to present a real use case for the blockchain ecosystem. For example, Parallel EVM is a way of making the Ethereum network faster and more efficient by running multiple transactions at the same time. 


Transitioning to a Angel Launchpad-featured project is a testament to a project's resilience and potential. This transition necessitates navigating a meticulously designed selection process that examines the project's merits from all angles.

Our vetting process commences with an essential alignment check, ensuring that a project not only embodies our core values and philosophy but also holds the potential to deliver unparalleled value to our community. This initial screening filters through the multitude of ideas to unearth those with a definitive vision and tangible solutions to real-world challenges.

In the tightly regulated cryptocurrency landscape, legal compliance is non-negotiable. We thoroughly review each project's adherence to global regulatory standards, including securities laws and AML/KYC procedures, to minimize legal risks for our investors.

The Launchpad Fundamental Token Analysis Framework

A fundamental component of our due diligence is the Launchpad Fundamental Token Analysis Framework. In line with our mission to provide high-quality investment opportunities, this detailed six-point methodology assesses crucial aspects affecting a token's utility, price potential, and long-term viability.

A. Value accrual mechanisms

Understanding how a project generates revenue and distributes value to token holders is criticall. This includes analyzing revenue streams like swap fees, liquidation fees, and treasury yields. Additionally, assessing the impact of supply burn or token scarcity and the significance of governance tokens in directing emissions and liquidity within the protocol is essential. Token holder rewards, such as airdrops or staking incentives, also play a crucial role in this analysis, focusing on sustainability, cash flow positivity, and real business models.

B. Tokenomics

Tokenomics explores the utility and economic design of tokens within the ecosystem. Key considerations include assessing intrinsic value based on purpose and functionality, analyzing supply dynamics, emissions mechanisms, and evaluating token allocation and vesting schedules. The focus is on high utility, non-inflationary supply, token scarcity, and investor-friendly vesting schedules.

C. Valuations

Valuation methodologies help determine the fundamental value of a token. This involves assessing cash flows, earnings potential, and estimating the present value of future cash flows. Evaluating treasury value and distribution mechanisms, along with comparing metrics with industry standards, are crucial aspects. Metrics like revenue-to-emissions and revenue-to-total value-locked ratios provide insights into treasury diversity and sustainability.

D. Roadmap and development

A project's roadmap and development plan offer insights into its future prospects. Adequacy and clarity of plans, developer activity, and the team's ability to meet milestones are key considerations. Projects with clear development plans, active developer engagement, and timely milestone achievements are preferred.

E. Competitor landscape and market share 

Understanding the competitive landscape and market dynamics is vital for assessing long-term viability. This includes identifying competitive advantages, analyzing emerging competitors, and evaluating associated risks. Relevant moats, industry and execution risks, and comparisons with industry standards are essential aspects of this analysis.

F. Team and funding

The expertise and financial backing of the project team are critical factors in its success. One major consideration is assessing the team's track record and history of successful project developments. We also evaluate the project's funding model and sustainability for long-term growth, and analyze the quality and reputation of project investors and backers.

Prepare for take off

As you can see, the architecture of the Angel Launchpad's due diligence is not just a procedure; it's a commitment—an unwavering pledge to champion the interests of our community by gatekeeping access to only those ventures that redefine innovation, promise, and credibility in the crypto space.

As we move forward, keep your eyes on the horizon for further announcements, and ready yourselves to journey into the heart of crypto's next frontier.


Unlock the full potential of cryptocurrency and grow your digital wealth

Unlock the full potential of cryptocurrency and grow your digital wealth