Top-up your way with instant fiat deposits

Securely and instantly deposit fiat currencies and swap to crypto with confidence.


How will you top-up today?

Instant EUR & GBP transfers

Send and receive EUR with SEPA Instant and a personal IBAN and instantly top up and withdraw GBP with Faster Payment Service (FPS).

Visa & Mastercard

Effortlessly add fiat in seconds using your Visa or Mastercard.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Fund your account with a single tap using your existing digital wallet.

Why transfer fiat with Yield App?

Zero fees

When you choose to transfer GBP and EUR with Yield App you pay zero fees and can transfer as little as 1 EUR / 1 GBP.

Your own EUR account

Instantly send and receive EUR with SEPA Instant on Yield App, and enjoy immediate access to your funds. Your personal IBAN with Yield App allows seamless EUR transfers.

Instant GBP transfers

Take advantage of the Faster Payment Service (FPS) for instant GBP top-ups and withdrawals.

Got a question about fiat transfers?

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