Your key to Yield App

The YLD token unlocks full Yield App access, including Angel Launchpad, higher rates, and other perks. Maximize your returns and access exclusive opportunities.

Blue background with Yield App coin logo in white, representing the YLD token on a growing platform.

How do our loyalty tiers work?

YLD sits at the heart of our loyalty program. The number of YLD tokens you stake on Yield App determines your tier level, unlocking exclusive benefits and perks.


0-999 YLD staked


1,000-9,999 YLD staked


10,000-19,999 YLD staked


20,000+ YLD staked

The benefits

Unlock exclusive benefits, maximize your earnings, and elevate your Yield App experience.

Access to Angel Launchpad
Gain access to high quality, curated crypto projects before they launch to the public. With Angel Launchpad you can participate in early token allocations along-side top VC’s and investment firms.
Higher yields
Boost your earnings potential with YLD. By staking YLD tokens, you'll qualify for higher interest rates on your crypto deposits across our Earn products. This means you can watch your crypto grow faster and maximize your returns.
Free withdrawals
Say goodbye to withdrawal fees! By staking YLD tokens, you can enjoy free withdrawals on your crypto holdings. This eliminates an extra cost associated with managing your digital assets, allowing you to move your crypto freely.
More H1 rewards
Staking YLD grants you access to a larger share of our H1 rewards program, allowing you to earn more H1 tokens. YLD holders may also unlock additional benefits within the Haven1 ecosystem as it develops further. This unique advantage positions you to not only earn more with Yield App but also potentially gain future benefits within Haven1.
Access to Angel Launchpad

Summary of benefits

Our membership tiers are powered by our native token, YLD. Stake YLD to earn the highest rates and locked H1 token rewards.

YLD staked
YLD staking rewards
Free withdrawals
VIP chat
Launchpad access
0-999 YLD
20% APY in locked H1
up to 7% APY
1,000-9,999 YLD
20% APY in locked H1
up to 8% APY
10,000-19,999 YLD
20% APY in locked H1
up to 9% APY
20,000 YLD +
20% APY in locked H1
up to 15% APY
3 crypto & 1 EUR/GBP per month

YLD token buyback

Yield App prioritizes long-term sustainability for our native token. In a commitment to transparency, we publicly hold all repurchased tokens in our treasury wallet, which you can access here.
View public wallet

How to buy YLD?

Sign up

Create your Yield App account and complete our quick KYC verification.

Fund your account

Deposit your preferred crypto or fiat into your account.

Swap to YLD

Head to the Swaps section, select YLD, choose your crypto to exchange, and hit swap. It's that easy!

You can also purchase YLD token on top exchanges

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