Referral Program Policy

Last revised on November 7, 2023

By referring the App/Yield Platform to another individual (hereinafter the “Referred Person”), you and the Referred Person would be eligible to individually earn USD$25 in Bitcoin (BTC) (the “Reward”), at Yield’s sole discretion.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Referral Program Policy does not apply to Users or Referred Persons from the United Kingdom or those from a Prohibited Jurisdiction under the Yield Terms and Conditions.  

In order for you and the Referred Person to be eligible to win the Reward, the Referred Person would have to: 

  1. Register as a User on the App;

  2. Complete KYC 2 verification;

  3. Make an initial deposit which has the minimum equivalent value of one thousand dollars (USD$1,000); and

  4. Deploy in either Earn+ or Earn+365.

The amount received by you and the Referred Person individually shall be of an amount decided randomly at Yield’s sole discretion, the equivalence of USD$25 in BTC.

Yield reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the Referral Program from time to time. You shall be duly notified when the Referral Program shall be terminated. Yield reserves the right to declare that Users which are on-boarded from certain countries do not receive the rewards indicated in the previous section. The list of these countries shall be made available to the User and may be updated from time-to-time. 

Yield reserves the right to hold referral rewards in some cases, in particular when it considers that the conditions were met in an abusive manner. This can include but is not limited to the sending of assets or YLD to the referred person by another Yield App User for the sole purpose of meeting all the conditions. Yield reserves the right to conduct special promotional activities for the Referral Program during events out of the ordinary course of time during which the Reward and the conditions relating to the granting of the Reward are modified (“Special Events”).

The creation, duration and conditions of such Special Events including but not limited to, initial deposit and Reward value, shall be decided at Yield’s sole discretion and shall be displayed on the App and/or in the User Account and/or on the Website and/or communicated by email.