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Why Yield Pro

Tailored to your needs

We have built out a suite of yield enhancement products based on the needs and expectations of our clients in all market conditions.

Multiple risk profiles

Whatever your risk tolerance, there is a yield enhancement product that suits your needs in changing markets.

Variable market environments

While returns can be particularly lucrative during times of volatility, yield enhancement products can help you generate returns in all market conditions.

What is Dual Currency (Buy Low)?

One of the most popular yield enhancement strategies, Dual Currency (Buy Low) involves two currencies - usually stablecoins and a cryptocurrency like BTC or ETH. This product is suitable for clients who are holding fiat or stablecoins, and are happy to acquire crypto assets at a lower-than-market price should prices decline. You can choose the maturity period (in days) from a wide range of available options.

Examples for Dual Currency (Buy Low) strategies

Let's explore what happens on maturity in two detailed examples.

Base asset
Linked asset
Market price
Buy level
Principal amount
100,000 USDC
14 days
Scenario 1: ETH below $2,500
Scenario 1
If ETH settlement price < Buy level at $2,500
  • Your 100,000 USDC allocation + the interest you earned is converted to ETH at a price of $2,500 per ETH.
  • You therefore receive 40.88 ETH.
Scenario 2: ETH above $2,500
Scenario 1
If ETH settlement price > Buy level at $2,500
  • You receive back your 100,000 USDC allocation + the interest you earned in USDC.
  • You therefore receive 102,220.05 USDC.

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