Risk Disclosure

Not traditional deposits: Yield Enhancement Products carry risks not normally associated with ordinary deposit products and are therefore not suitable as a replacement for ordinary savings or term deposits. Yield Enhancement Products provide the opportunity to achieve attractive yields on your Digital Assets, however, unlike with traditional bank deposits, the Digital Assets that you lend through Yield Enhancement Products are not protected by any deposit protection scheme or equivalent arrangement in any jurisdiction. By investing in any Yield Enhancement Product you are therefore at risk of losing your entire investment. 

Suitability of the Yield Enhancement Products: The Yield Pro Operators have not taken into account the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any particular person and you should consider carefully whether or not Yield Enhancement Products are suitable for you. Before making a commitment to enter into any Yield Enhancement Product, you should take steps to ensure that you seek independent expert advice from a financial adviser. If you choose not to seek advice from a financial adviser, you should carefully consider whether the Yield Enhancement Products are suitable for you in the light of your experience in similar transactions, your objectives in engaging in the transaction, financial resources and other relevant circumstances. 

Loss due to market movement: Yield Enhancement Products are speculative and are not suitable for you if you are not willing to accept the risk of adverse movements in the referenced Digital Assets. The price of a Digital Asset is based on the perceived value of that Digital Asset and is therefore subject to changes in sentiment, which may make these products highly volatile. Certain Digital Assets, such as some cryptocurrencies, have experienced daily price volatility of more than 20%. Prospective investors in Yield Enhancement Products should be aware of this potentially extreme price volatility and the possibility of rapid and substantial price movements, which could result in significant losses. For some Yield Enhancement Products, it is possible to lose your entire investment. 

Past Performance: Any examples of returns provided are purely illustrative and the Yield Pro Operators do not represent or undertake that such returns will be achieved. Any past performance of any Yield Enhancement Product is provided for informational purposes and is not indicative of future results. Potential investors confirm that they do not, and will not, rely upon any information communicated to them by the Yield Pro Operators and/or any of its officers or employees to make any decisions or commitments to enter into a Yield Enhancement Product. 

Cybersecurity Risk: The cybersecurity risks of Digital Assets and related “wallets” or spot exchanges include hacking vulnerabilities and a risk that publicly distributed ledgers may not be immutable. A cybersecurity event could potentially result in a substantial, immediate and irreversible loss for market participants that trade Digital Assets. Even a minor cybersecurity event in a Digital Asset is likely to result in downward price pressure on that product and potentially other Digital Assets. 

Credit risk: Yield Enhancement Products are subject to a risk of loss resulting from a counterparty failing to meet its financial obligations or when the value of any collateral provided by a counterparty becomes inadequate. We expect to maintain trading relationships with counterparties that include unregulated entities, including unknown counterparties in DeFi applications. These relationships could result in exposure to credit risk. In recent years, several prominent financial market participants have failed or nearly failed to perform their contractual obligations when due, leading to periods of great uncertainty in the financial markets, government intervention in certain markets, and in certain failing institutions, severe credit and liquidity contractions, early terminations of transactions and related arrangements, and suspended and failed payments and deliveries. To the extent that such marketplace events recur, they may have an adverse impact on the availability of credit and market liquidity and may limit our ability to sell or liquidate certain positions at favourable times or for favourable prices, or to return your investment. 

Systemic risk: There is a risk that a market event could trigger a cascade of other events leading to a significant decline across the Digital Asset industry. Potential areas of contagion and systemic risk in the Digital Asset industry may include, but are not limited to, the failure of a major bridge connecting two different blockchains, failure of a major Digital Asset exchange, the failure of a large custodian, the failure of a major stablecoin to either safely custody deposits or regulate coin issuance, collateral value decreases in a short period of time and the rehypothecation of collateral by digital asset lenders. 

Regulatory risk: The value and liquidity of Digital Asset markets may be influenced by new laws, regulations, policies and guidance which may vary significantly among international, federal, state and local jurisdictions and are subject to significant uncertainty. The regulatory environment for Digital Assets is constantly evolving, and new regulations or policies may materially adversely affect our ability to invest in Digital Assets. Regulation of Digital Assets may also vary significantly among international, federal, state, and local jurisdictions and is subject to a level of uncertainty. Various legislative and executive bodies in the EU and in other countries may in the future adopt laws, regulations, or guidance, or take other actions, which may severely impact the use of Digital Assets generally and the technology behind them or the means of transacting in or transferring them. Failure by us to comply with any current or future laws, rules and regulations, some of which may be subject to change, could result in a variety of adverse consequences. 

Additional terms and conditions: Yield Enhancement Products are subject to separate terms and conditions, governing your relationship with the Yield Pro Operators. By investing in any Yield Enhancement Product, you will be deemed to have accepted the application of the Yield Pro Terms and Conditions. You will be required to sign and acknowledge your acceptance (if you have not already done so) of the Yield Pro Terms and Conditions before entering into any Yield Enhancement Product.