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Introducing the Yield App Angel Launchpad and Angel Status

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Key points:

  • Yield App announces Angel Launchpad.

  • Diamond+ evolves into Angel Status with priority Launchpad access.

  • Angel Launchpad available for Gold, Diamond, and Angel status users.

  • Stay tuned for updates on the first projects to be listed on the Angel Launchpad.

  • Check out our newly launched Angel Launchpad webpage.

We are proud to introduce the Yield App Angel Launchpad, designed to bring you exclusive early access to vetted, high-quality, early-stage crypto projects before they launch. We aim to bring you opportunities spanning the hottest trends and managed by leading entrepreneurs before they reach the mainstream. 

To power the Angel Launchpad we are introducing Angel Status to allow our loyal community to have preferred access to secure an allocation alongside the top VC funds in crypto. Unlike many launchpads, the Angel Launchpad prioritizes earlier-stage projects with a total allocation size ranging from $300,000 to $3 million.

Angel Launchpad will be exclusively available to Gold and Diamond tier members and those with the newly introduced Angel status, which we will dive into later in this blog. This pioneering product is currently under development and we are excited to open it up to our first users in the near future. 

How will the Angel Launchpad work?

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  • Allocations will be available during a pledge period for Gold, Diamond, and Angel status users.

  • Angel Status users will receive a maximum allocation (5x)+ more than Diamond tier. Diamond tier will receive an allocation (2x) more than Gold tier.

  • Pledge periods will open for a length of time of 72 hours or more.

  • Users must have USDT in their wallet to make a pledge.

  • Gold and Diamond will have maximum pledge caps, while Angel Status will have no cap on their pledge size.

  • Angel Status will have a guaranteed minimum allocation size, while Gold and Diamond tier will not.

  • All qualifying pledges will receive some allocation in all tiers. 

  • Final allocations will be confirmed 24-48 hours after the pledge period closes.

  • After allocations are finalized, residual USDT, not subscribed, will return to the user's wallet. 

Why are top projects interested in working with the Angel Launchpad?

The driving force of crypto has always been a strong community base. Yield App is a trusted platform for over 105,000 loyal customers, including thousands of high net-worth crypto holders with a combined $20+ billion in crypto assets. Our active community can help projects build strong early communities, beta test projects, and bring a passionate crypto community to bootstrap their ecosystems. This makes Yield App’s Angel Launchpad attractive for projects and VCs who want exposure to our strong and growing community. 

The benefits of Angel status (Previously Diamond+)

Alongside Angel Launchpad, we're introducing a dedicated membership status – Angel. You can become Angel Status by staking 100,000+ YLD. This evolution of Diamond+ empowers you with unparalleled benefits:

  • Guaranteed minimum allocation on each launch.

  • Guaranteed minimum (5x) allocation over Diamond.

  • No maximum pledge cap for the Angel Launchpad.

  • Earn 25% on H1 tokens.

  • Angel status perks also include all the benefits of Diamond tier, including top rates on all products.

Lifetime Angel status: You will soon be able to gain permanent Angel status with a one-time fee of 50,000 YLD. This exclusive offer unlocks a lifetime of Angel benefits except earning H1 rewards (to continue earning H1 rewards you must have YLD staked in your account). This new feature will launch with the introduction of Angel to our product line-up.

Yield App Angel Launchpad is set to offer you an unparalleled opportunity to secure an allocation in promising crypto ventures alongside a thriving community. By participating in vetted projects with high-growth potential, you will gain access to a flourishing ecosystem typically reserved for VC firms. Angel status will further elevate your experience, providing exclusive benefits and solidifying your place at the forefront of crypto innovation. With Angel Launchpad, Yield App empowers you to become an active participant in shaping the future of crypto.

While details are subject to change, more will be revealed about Yield App Angel Launchpad on Thursday 21 March 2024 at 10am UTC so have your questions ready and join us for a very special AMA on our Telegram channel.

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