Yield App and Kiln announce strategic partnership

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Exciting news! We are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with Kiln, a leading enterprise-grade staking platform trusted by institutional clients.

This collaboration strengthens our commitment to providing you with a secure and high-performing staking experience. Kiln offers several key advantages to Yield App:

  • Top security: Kiln excels in validating blockchains with top-notch performance, leading to a high reward rate, all while providing competitive fees.

  • High performance: Kiln's robust anti-slashing measures, backed by the Ethereum Foundation, secure assets (non-custodial) and reduce slashing risks.

  • Simplified integration: Kiln’s Fireblocks integration allows Yield App to effortlessly stake their assets while upholding security standards.

We're thrilled to partner with Kiln, to offer native staking, seamlessly complementing our existing rewards lineup, including DeFi yield. Kiln's expertise and commitment to security ensure an exceptional user experience, while their solutions also alleviate resource development on our end..”

  • Tim Frost - CEO at Yield App

With this collaboration, Yield App users can now participate in staking and earn rewards on the largest Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains

"We are thrilled to bring the power of staking to Yield App users. By offering staking services, we enable Yield App users to earn revenue on their digital assets while also participating in blockchain security." 

  • Laszlo Szabo - CEO and co-founder at Kiln

About Kiln

‍Kiln is the leading enterprise-grade staking platform, enabling institutional customers to stake assets, and to whitelabel staking functionality into their offering. Our platform is API-first and enables fully automated validators, rewards, and data and commission management. With over $6b stake under management, Kiln has a particularly strong track record on Ethereum as we run about 4% of the network; this includes 40,000+ validators with 0 slashing events. 


Unlock the full potential of cryptocurrency and grow your digital wealth

Unlock the full potential of cryptocurrency and grow your digital wealth