Yield App partners with Fiat Republic to provide virtual IBANs for fiat transfers

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  • Yield App has partnered with Fiat Republic to provide virtual IBANs to customers using our fiat on- and off-ramps.

  • This solution allows you to seamlessly transfer EUR and GBP from your bank account to Yield App, and withdraw it back into the fiat ecosystem.

  • Fiat Republic is a regulated fiat-as-a-service platform serving the crypto sector.

  • Yield App’s fiat rails fill a gap in the market for easy access to digital assets at a time of increasing regulatory scrutiny.

Following the successful launch of our fiat on- and off-ramps for EUR and GBP, we’re now excited to announce our partnership with Fiat Republic, enabling customers to access virtual International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs) for seamless fiat deposits and withdrawals in EUR and GBP.  

Fiat Republic is a regulated fiat-as-a-service platform that aggregates local fiat rails for crypto platforms via a single API, reducing payment delays and the risk of debanking. This facilitates a frictionless on- and off-ramping experience for crypto platforms looking to integrate fiat payments easily.

Yield App’s strategic partnership with Fiat Republic leverages its innovative virtual IBAN technology, which empowers users to make and receive payments in multiple currencies without the need for a physical bank account. By serving as a crucial bridge between Web2 and Web3, the partnership accelerates global crypto adoption, directly connecting banks and crypto platforms for seamless reconciliation of transactions.

As regulatory scrutiny in the crypto sector intensifies, traditional banks have become more cautious with crypto-related transactions, leading many to limit or halt customers' payments to and from cryptocurrency platforms. The integration of Fiat Republic’s fiat infrastructure into Yield App capitalizes on this growing demand for easy access to digital assets.

Yield App’s fiat rails, currently available for EUR and GBP via SEPA Instant and UK FPS local payment rails, allow users to seamlessly transfer fiat from their bank account to a virtual account in their own name. 

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Gero Piskov, Card and Payments Manager at Yield App, highlights the significance of the partnership with Fiat Republic: “By leveraging Fiat Republic’s API, we now have additional access to a trusted bridge for multiple banks, allowing us to provide our customers with IBANs in their own name for a seamless deposit and withdrawal experience.” 

Adam Bialy, Founder and CEO at Fiat Republic, shares similar enthusiasm: “Yield App’s focus on staying ahead of the curve in the digital wealth management space aligns with our mission at Fiat Republic to unlock crypto to the masses. We’re delighted to provide the essential fiat infrastructure that enables them to embed fiat payment flows into their platform easily.” 

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