Launchpad benefits for users
Bringing fairness & fun back to gaming
Introducing Me3, a pioneering platform that integrates Live Events, Gaming, Sports, and Esports engagement with the dynamic world of digital asset ownership.
Me3 kicks off Yield App Angel Launchpad
  • Me3 is set to revolutionize fan engagement and community interaction
  • Connects eSports, Gaming, finance and fan engagement
  • Engage in prediction pools with flexible staking
  • 'Yield Battle' feature for earning yields and blending DeFi
  • Unlock rewards with 'Stake to Win' feature
  • Secure and transparent transactions via blockchain
  • Community-led governance with decentralized voting
  • Staking rewards for $ME3 token holders
  • Fee discounts for $ME3 token holders
  • Successful offering on TrustSwap Launchpad on 9 Feb 2024
Token distribution will take place through a third-party provider. During the pledge period your will need to submit a BSC BEP-20 address to receive allocation. Once pledge period is closed, instructions will be provided on how to claim your tokens.

Me3 stands at the very forefront of two revolutionary movements: Predict-to-Win and Stake-to-Win. We’re thrilled to announce that the platform’s $ME3 token will be the very first offering on the Yield App Angel Launchpad.

Disrupt the world of fandom

Me3 is transforming the landscape of eSports and Gaming. Through its dynamic platform, fans (a) Predict-to-Win by completing social media tasks, and (b) earn rewards in Stake-to-Win prediction pools by backing their favorite teams and players. Me3 pioneers the integration of features such as 'Yield Battle' into eSports and Gaming, providing thrilling yet low-risk engagement.

Tailored participation pools allow users to wager yields, expanding interaction opportunities within the platform. The Hype Pool sets the stage for a spirited social media face-off among fans, attracting a broader audience. Users can personalize their engagement based on preferences, risk appetite, and gaming knowledge, enhancing user immersion and platform versatility.

Breaking new ground, Me3 fuses eSports, decentralized finance (DeFi), and community involvement. It redefines fan interaction by moving beyond passive viewership to active engagement through prediction pools and 'Stake to Win' initiatives, cultivating deeper community bonds and heightened fan participation.

The platform prioritizes fairness and enjoyment for gamers, promoting transparency and security through blockchain technology to foster user trust. The community is empowered by the governance rights granted to token holders, enabling them to shape platform decisions, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility among users.

Get in the Hype Pool

The Me3 Hype Pool presents a Stake-To-Win social media showdown for fans. By staking in your preferred sports team’s pool and completing social media tasks, you enhance your team’s chances of victory.

In this arena, every contribution matters - from your stake's size to your engagement on social platforms. Your support, strategy, and social media influence determine the champions. Hype Pools cover the top 200 tokens on CoinMarketCap and offer two distinct play modes.

Me3 hype pool
1. Maximize your returns by going ALL IN. The losing side's capital goes to the winning pool.
2. Choose the YIELD BATTLE (YB) to keep your initial capital while putting your yield at stake.
Me3 benefits
What makes Me3 unique?
  1. Inclusive approach

    Departing from traditional odds-based systems, this pioneering model offers a more inclusive and engaging team-oriented participation experience, prioritizing team support over mere winning odds.

  2. Yield Battle function

    This innovative feature enables users to earn yields on their stakes, providing financial incentives in addition to the thrill of gaming.

  3. Fan-centric engagement

    By enhancing fan experience and interaction with their beloved eSports teams and players, fans are actively involved in team success, fostering deeper connections.

  4. Stake-to-Win strategy

    Me3 motivates users to back teams and players, rewarding them for their active engagement and support, not solely for successful bets.

  5. Community-centric platform

    Emphasizing community participation and involvement in platform evolution, Me3 empowers users to influence key decisions through a decentralized governance structure.

  6. Seamless digital assets integration

    The Me3 wallet simplifies managing and transacting digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and fiat, streamlining entry into the digital asset market.

  7. Advanced security and transparency

    Utilizing blockchain technology ensures transparency and security, fostering user trust in a reliable and secure predictive gaming environment.

  8. Accessibility for non-crypto natives

    A user-friendly interface caters to both seasoned crypto users and newcomers, facilitating easy entry into the world of crypto, web3 eSports & Gaming.

  9. Strategic partnerships

    Collaborations with prominent players in the blockchain, eSports & Gaming industries can enrich the platform's offerings and expand its market presence.

Me3 partners
Target market

Me3 targets a vibrant intersection of eSports and gaming enthusiasts and the wider crypto-savvy community. It attracts sports and eSports fans who crave an interactive and rewarding way to engage with their beloved teams and players. These individuals relish not only spectating eSports and gaming but actively participating in their chosen teams' success through innovative prediction pools and the 'Stake to Win' feature.

Me3 caters to users with an interest in the DeFi sector, particularly those seeking new platforms that offer more than traditional yield farming. This includes crypto investors exploring fresh avenues to diversify their portfolios and earn yields in a captivating, enjoyable manner.

Me3's emphasis on community and fan involvement makes it appealing to a broader audience valuing platforms that prioritize user experience and empowerment. This includes tech-savvy individuals excited about new web3 advancements and their potential to revolutionize conventional entertainment and investment paradigms.

Business model

Me3 runs on a state-of-the-art decentralized application framework, generating revenue mainly through its cutting-edge social media participation, eSports and gaming features. The platform's design fosters engagement in prediction pools, 'Stake to Win' mechanisms, and Yield Battles, cultivating a lively and self-sustaining environment. Me3 also aims to introduce more features and applications to further enrich user experience and revenue channels.

Me3 business model
Marketing strategy

A key component of Me3’s strategy is fostering strong relationships within the eSports and gaming communities while forming partnerships with key players in the gaming and blockchain sectors. These collaborations are designed to enhance Me3’s visibility and credibility. Current partnerships include Kakao Games (BORA), Evos, GEMS, Emplifive, Ampverse, Ferrum Network, and others.

By leveraging platforms where their target audience is most active — such as Twitch, YouTube, and X — Me3 aims to interact with influencers and gamers who can genuinely endorse the platform. This approach facilitates access to existing communities and networks.

Acknowledging the uniqueness of decentralized platforms, Me3 plans to create educational content that simplifies these concepts for the average user. This content will play a pivotal role in driving user adoption and engagement.

Preceding a full-scale launch, Me3 intends to conduct thorough beta testing, gathering user input to enhance and refine the platform. This method ensures that the final product is user-focused and aligns with market expectations. To attract and retain users, Me3 will introduce reward systems and referral programs, incentivizing both current users and new registrations.

Recognizing the significance of a seamless user experience, Me3 is committed to developing a robust and scalable technological infrastructure, ensuring the platform can manage high transaction volumes and interactions effectively.

By combining these strategies, Me3 aims to effectively enter the market, cultivate a dedicated user community, and position itself as a frontrunner at the crossroads of eSports and gaming wagering and blockchain technology.

Competitive landscape

Me3 creates a more inclusive prediction model, encouraging active participation and support for eSports and Gaming teams and players.

A standout feature is the 'Yield Battle,' which lets participants earn yields on their stakes, blending DeFi into the gaming experience. This not only boosts potential returns but also offers a fresh way to interact with the platform, enriching the predictive gaming experience.

Central to Me3's philosophy is fan engagement. Understanding that the essence of eSports and Gaming lies in its community, Me3 builds an ecosystem where fans are not just spectators but active contributors. This fan-centric approach nurtures a stronger bond between eSports and Gaming enthusiasts and their favorite teams, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

With its innovative features and community-driven focus, Me3 effectively connects eSports, Gaming, finance, and fan engagement, establishing itself as a leading player in the industry.

$ME3 token utility
  1. Engage with prediction pools

    Users can join the eSports and Gaming excitement by joining existing prediction pools or crafting their own. The Me3 platform offers flexible staking options, catering to gamers of all levels.

  2. Earn and support

    Unlock rewards through our innovative ‘Stake to Win’ feature, fostering a deeper bond with the eSports & Gaming community.

  3. Safe and Transparent Transactions

    Utilizing blockchain technology, all transactions on Me3 are secure, transparent, and powered by audited smart contracts.

  4. Community-Led Governance

    At Me3, we cherish our community's input. We've integrated decentralized voting systems for users to shape the platform's future path and evolution.

  5. Staking Incentives

    Receive staking rewards as 50% of platform fees flow back to $ME3 token holders.

  6. Fee Benefits

    Enjoy fee discounts on platform charges as a $ME3 token holder.

Matthew Ainscow
Matthew Ainscow
Adam Kramer
Adam Kramer
COO - Acting CTO
Mark Homeier
Mark Homeier
Donald Chi
Donald Chi
Product Lead
Artur Niki
Artur Niki
Cybersecurity & Engineering Lead
Jorden Seet
Jorden Seet
Architect Advisor

Me3 runs on a state-of-the-art decentralized application framework, generating revenue mainly through its cutting-edge social media participation, eSports and gaming features. The platform's design fosters engagement in prediction pools, 'Stake to Win' mechanisms, and Yield Battles, cultivating a lively and self-sustaining environment. Me3 also aims to introduce more features and applications to further enrich user experience and revenue channels.

Me3 roadmap
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Me3 tokenomics
How to prepare for the launch:

1. Active USDT in your wallet: You'll need to have a positive balance of USDT (Tether) in your Yield App wallet. This USDT will be used to pledge for token allocation during the pledge period.

2. Account status: Your Yield App account needs to be at least Gold, Diamond, or Angel Status in order to access the Angel Launchpad.

You can become Gold, Diamond or Angel Status buy staking YLD on the Yield App platform.

Sign up on Yield App
Amount to raise

Price per token
Interested users
Pledge window
7 days

Deal terms
Minimum pledge
100 USDT
Maximum pledge (after fees)
The project team might set a maximum pledge amount to manage the distribution of tokens and ensure a fair distribution among participants.
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1200 USDT
600 USDT
Minimum guaranteed allocation
Angel Status gets a guaranteed minimum allocation upfront. Diamond & Gold allocations are determined after the pledge period closes.
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500 USDT
No min guaranteed
No min guaranteed
Funding round
Vesting terms
10% at TGE with 10 month linear vesting
$ME3 token network
BSC (BEP-20)

Company documents

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