Raiinmaker is a Web3 and AI Technology Company that has developed the Raiinmaker AI Super App and Raiinmaker Network Protocol, which revolutionizes the monetization of users' contribution to AI infrastructure.
Raiinmaker to debut on Yield App Angel Launchpad
  • Rewards users via “Proof-of-Influence”
  • Platform’s native token, $COIIN, to debut on Yield App Angel Launchpad
  • Raiinmaker AI Super App transforms how users monetize contributions to AI infrastructure
  • Validators earn token rewards by verifying AI models on Raiinmaker
  • Platform and token built for compatibility with major blockchains
  • Targeting creators, AI devs, and validators keen on AI, crypto, blockchain
  • Raiinmaker team includes pros from Disney, Oracle, Boeing

Raiinmaker, “the human powered AI network,” aims to redefine digital interaction with its proprietary “Proof of Influence'' mechanism. The AI-powered Raiinmaker Super App, built on the Raiinmaker Network Protocol, is poised to revolutionize the monetization of users’ contributions to AI infrastructure. We’re thrilled to announce that the platform’s $COIIN token will be the second offering on the Yield App Angel Launchpad!

$COIIN token distribution

Token distribution will take place through a third-party provider. During the pledge period you will need to submit a Base Protocol (BASE) address to receive your allocation. Once tokens are generated, they will be sent directly to your wallet.

To secure your allocation, you'll need to provide a Base wallet address when you pledge. Make sure you use a compatible wallet like MetaMask. You can find instructions on using Base with your wallet on the Base website.

About Raiinmaker

The Human Powered AI Network

Established in 2018, Raiinmaker set out to revolutionize the creator economy model by empowering creators to earn cryptocurrency through training AI models and running independent nodes on the network. This groundbreaking Web3 and AI technology firm provides a decentralized platform for AI developers and validators to securely collaborate and exchange AI models.

Validators earn rewards for verifying and enhancing AI models, incentivizing active engagement and top-notch contributions. Raiinmaker operates on a transparent governance framework, enabling community members to engage in decision-making and platform development.

Raiinmaker's token and platform are designed for interoperability with major blockchain networks, enhancing accessibility and flexibility.

The Raiinmaker Network leverages decentralized AI and scalable Web3 infrastructure to revolutionize the allocation of value tied to genuine identity, data, and behavior.

Built on the Raiinmaker Network, the AI powered Super App rewards users for generating AI content, training AI models and operating a mobile DePIN Node that provides decentralized compute and network validation.

Target market

Raiinmaker targets engaging creators with a keen interest in AI, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. It appeals to AI developers in search of a decentralized marketplace to collaborate and monetize their AI models. Raiinmaker also attracts validators looking to earn rewards by verifying and enhancing AI algorithms. The platform is tailored for tech enthusiasts who value transparency, community governance, and interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem.

$COIIN token utility

Set to launch on Base, the fast-growing Layer 2 network, Raiinmaker’s access and governance token ($COIIN) will be used for accessing and participating in the platform, including activities such as staking and burning. Validators are rewarded with $COIIN for verifying AI models and enriching the platform's AI ecosystem, promoting engagement and ensuring quality assurance.

Meet the Raiinmaker team

Raiinmaker boasts a formidable team, enriched with extensive experience from world-renowned companies such as Disney, Oracle, Boeing, and other industry giants.

J.D Seraphine
J.D Seraphine
Founder CEO
Benjamin Gerry
Benjamin Gerry
Founder COO
Joe Roets
Joe Roets
Co-Founder CTO
Ray Parker
Ray Parker
Co-Founder CPO


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Step-by-step guide

Raiinmaker’s $COIIN token will be offered on the Yield App Angel Launchpad on 09/05/2024

How to prepare for the Launch Day:

1. Active USDT in your wallet: You'll need to have a positive balance of USDT (Tether) in your Yield App wallet. This USDT will be used to pledge for token allocation during the pledge period.

2. Account status: Your Yield App account needs to be at least Gold, Diamond, or Angel Status in order to access the Angel Launchpad.

You can become Gold, Diamond or Angel Status buy staking YLD on the Yield App platform. To learn more about YLD and the loyalty program visit the YLD page on our website.


Upgrade to Angel Status

You can now unlock unlimited access to Angel Launchpad by buying Lifetime Angel status with a one-time fee of 50,000 YLD or staking 100,000 YLD.

With Angel status, you can enjoy exclusive benefits such as guaranteed minimum allocation on each Launchpad launch and no maximum pledge cap, among other benefits. Plus, Angel status includes all the benefits of Diamond tier, including top rates on all products.


Amount to raise

Price per token
Pledge window
7 Days

Deal terms
Minimum pledge
100 USDT
Maximum pledge (after fees)
The project team might set a maximum pledge amount to manage the distribution of tokens and ensure a fair distribution among participants.
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1200 USDT
600 USDT
Minimum guaranteed allocation
Angel Status gets a guaranteed minimum allocation upfront. Diamond & Gold allocations are determined after the pledge period closes.
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300 USDT
No min guaranteed
No min guaranteed
Funding round
Vesting terms
15% at TGE with 10 linear month vesting
$COIIN token
BASE (Token distribution is on Base/ Ethereum L2 network)

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